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What are the differences in cannabinoids?


-CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid derived from the cannabis hemp plant that has many health and wellness benefits. This plant will not give you the psychoactive effects that THC can offer and can inhibit THC-like effects when taken together. CBD will give you a relaxed state of mind, making this product ideal for anti-anxiety and can help with pain and inflammation due to arthritis. CBD can also help with certain skin conditions and certain types of seizures.


As an isolate of hemp, CBN was the first cannabinoid to be found and is an isolate as THC degrades in hemp plants and increases its potency as the plant matures. CBN combined with CBD is known for its sedating and some mild psychoactive effects, making this cannabinoid ideal for nighttime. CBD+CBN= Stimulation of bone grown, great for osteoporosis, and works as immunosuppressant fighting against inflammation.

-CBG is found in small trace amounts in the cannabis plant and comes from a precursor of CBGA, which is the "mother of all cannabinoids." THC, CBD, and CBG all start as CBGA and are later broken down in the plant after exposure to light and heat. CBG works with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our bodies which is thought to strengthen a natural neurotransmitter called anandamide that helps regulate motivation, appetite, pleasure, sleep, and pain. This means CGB is excellent for anxiety and depression; pain relief by relaxing muscles, neuroprotective properties and disease (such as Huntington's), and anti-bacterial properties to fight against strains MRSA like Covid decreases inflammation and increases appetite.


Delta 8 & Delta 9

Delta 8: Major cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Delta 8 produces less psychoactive effects, than 9, and is an isolate of CBD and therefore extracted.

Delta 9: As the main psychoactive ingredient of THC and the cousin of Delta 8, Delta 9 is about 2x's as strong as its cousin. More naturally occurring in the flower of the cannabis plant  give more psychoactive effects.

Both are thought to help relieve pain, increase energy and focus, while relieving anxiety and stress.

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